Some Big Solutions

Over the last nine years with Uppercase Living, I have had the opportunity to help thousands of customers (both individuals and businesses) select the perfect vinyl expressions and decor for the places and spaces where they live, work and play. Some of the custom expressions that I’ve designed have filled up entire walls, like this one for a bookkeeping firm:

word wall.jpg

This salon has their entire menu of services displayed on their wall:

elements - 4.jpg

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a church solve a problem and implement their vision.

They wanted a way to provide welcoming signage that clearly stated where families should enter on Sunday mornings. At first, they had a large banner hung across the windowed entrance, secured by heavy steel cables.

PROBLEM: heavy winds caused the banner to tear and the cables to knock against the glass.

SOLUTION: Create the general design of the banner (silhouettes of children in action) in Uppercase Living vinyl!

IMG_2940IMG_2934With the assistance of a friend and a cherry picker (yes, that’s us in the bucket), the silhouettes were applied to the front of the building, one by one.

Here’s our view of the parking lot from the bucket!

Here’s the final result:


Have a problem — big or small — with your business’ walls? Contact me and let’s talk about a solution.

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