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Breathing Space


Shortly after dinnertime last night, I knew I had 24 hours of unscheduled time ahead of me (thanks to a blast of extreme cold weather that cancelled pretty much every activity on our family/work/school calendar). I made the impromptu decision to tackle The Office project I had been putting off for a while.

My home office is our former living room. It is the first room you see when you walk in the front door of our home. While it has “good bones,” it is often so completely cluttered that it borders on unsightly at times.

Last night I removed everything from the room. Everything. I emptied out every drawer and cabinet. I removed artwork, including the Grande Delicate Tree (shown in the picture), from the walls. I took out the rug and most of the furniture. I vacuumed and dusted the floorboards.

Ah, breathing space!

Next, I rearranged the furniture, placing my large, drafting-table desk in front of two windows for a whole new view. I brought the rug back in and worked on the lighting so that my desk area and upholstered reading chair have ample light for my ever-aging eyes.

I am looking forward to painting the walls and installing a new expression or two to complement the “new” space. I promise to post a photo of The Reveal when this project is truly finished.

(Meanwhile, my dining room – where the contents of my drawers and cabinets got dumped — looks like an episode of Extreme Hoarders, but I’ll tackle that next.)