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Measuring Up

Collage of playhouseOne of our favorite family traditions is the annual measuring-of-the-cousins (my boys and my siblings’ kids) when they are visiting their grandparents each summer.

My parents, known as Nana & Papa to their nine grandchildren, have an adorable shed-turned-playhouse in their backyard. Nearly ten years ago (when there were only five grandkids), we took a Sharpie and marked the height of each child on the playhouse walls.

Every year since, we’ve dedicated one summer evening to s’moresplayhouse 1 around the firepit and seeing how everyone measures up (against┬átheir last year’s height and against each other).

You’ve probably never seen kids stand with such impeccable posture.

Everyone has fun seeing the results!

playhouse 3

playhouse 2A few years back we started letting the kids write their own names, with some pretty hilarious results.

Each child is so unique in his or her growth rate, even among siblings. I am realizing, that when we measure up this coming summer, one — or two — of my boys will be taller than me. Yikes. How did that happen?

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