And then there’s that.

I’m really good at some things. I mean, we all are, right?

Here’s what I’m good at:

– brainstorming and implementing new projects

– helping someone I care about solve a problem

– tackling a new skill

laundry todayAnd then there’s THAT. There are some things that I have a hard time doing. The tasks themselves aren’t difficult, but as it turns out, I’m heading-towards-lame when it comes to duties that — to me — lack the “wow” factor. Like laundry.

Recently, one of my boys revealed he is having a difficult time focusing in school. The behavior is mirrored at home in many ways. We are working with a team at his school to give him some strategies for coping. (Should we discover the behavior modifications aren’t working, we will continue to the next step.) Keeping him on task (when it comes to chores around the house), has made me realize how many less-than-exciting tasks I put off until they become overwhelming. Again, laundry comes to mind.

I have to say my Mom is one of the most get-it-done people I know. She tackles the small stuff before it becomes big stuff. I need to learn to do that. Yesterday, I made a very conscious effort to do a bunch of the little errands/jobs that I usually put off until the last possible moment: post office! unpacking the suitcases from our recent travel! insurance issue! Checking those little chores off my to-do list didn’t take as long as I had expected (dreaded) and resulted in a less stressful evening.

Which reminds me. I’ve got a load of laundry to deal with.

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